An electronic doll dances and interacts harmonically

Mahmoud El Bazz is a young Egyptian inventor

An electronic doll dances and interacts harmonically with all the different musical melodies at the top of compatibility and accuracy
All the types of dolls, now in the markets worldwide, are spinning with full rotation either by a motor or a spring to make the doll spin in one direction to the right or the left.
The new in this innovation:
This idea is based on the analysis of the sound signals entering through the microphone in the electronic circuit, then it converts the signals received with its different values from an electronic signal into a mechanical movement according to the frequency, the intensity and the tone of sound or signals to be transformed afterwards into movements at the top of coherence, harmony and accuracy with this sound, and the doll seems to be as if it dances in a normal way like the human in how to interact with music in the output of movements that represent the dances .. It is worth mentioning that this doll can be run either through a wireless microphone or by a direct connection to any cassette device, radio or computer. Then, the electronic circuit analyzes the sound signals entering it from any of these ways; this doll can also dance on the individual singing system (karaoke).
Advantages of this innovation:
We have seen "Barbie" the doll, this plastic static rigid toy and what it has reached of an international fame despite the lack of motor and vocal attractions and thrill that are supposed to be present in this type of dolls, what about if you have found a nice toy for children and adults having all the elements of formal, dynamic and interactive attractions between them and the user which causes a state of happiness felt by all those who watched young and old and this is another advantage; this doll is for adults and children and for all ages.
The other feature of this electronic circuit is that it is inexpensive compared to what exists now and there are no difficulties in the manufacture and as well, all the components of the circuit are available and cheap.

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