Galal Zakri, a young man studying Mass Communication, and dreams of travelling around the world by a nonconventional means.

Wahid Morsi, a man whose passion for astrology drove him to manufacture telescopes.

Vivian Labib is an Egyptian social entrepreneur who dedicated her life to help those in need. She tries to help people discover their talents, a talent that can help earn money to live.

Aya Hussein is an 18 years old orphan and mentally disabled girl. Her disability and social situation didn’t prevent her from winning the 3rd place in running on the snow in the Paralympics in South Korea.

Mickael and Nesrine are an Egyptian married couple living in Agamy. They decided to leave their normal life in Alexandria and go for the unusual.

The project aims at reaching the kids between 9 and 12 years old who were deprived from going to schools or who were dropped out of their schools. A field research is conducted to know the situation of the kid and his family.

Gamal is a 19 years old Egyptian deaf student, he joined Asdaa’s Association for deaf people. He joined in a robot competition for the first time in 2010, his team was the only team with such a disability.

Hany El Gamalis a 39 years old Egyptian Engineer, he currently works as an administrative consultant.

Karim thought that ice skiing and sandboarding are quite similar. Well at least both share the same concept which is skating. But the climate, environment and the skating surface are totally different.

"Tayeba Anwar El Dawy" young lady living in Luxor governorate. She did not attend school at her early age like other children. She experienced the absence of education during her youth.