From Illiteracy to PHD Dream

“I am dreaming to complete to the end, there’s no dry point with education, education has no end, when anybody really needs something, he will get it of course and I am dreaming to complete my studies in Arabic language, I hope to be a specialist in my field.”

"Tayeba Anwar El Dawy" young lady living in Luxor governorate. She did not attend school at her early age like other children. She experienced the absence of education during her youth. The turning point in her life occurred when she decided to join literacy classes and to be educated and knowledgeable.
Tayeba struggled under difficult economic conditions & widespread illiteracy in her family.
Despite all the circumstances, continued the basic and secondary education until she joined the faculty of “Dar el Oloum" Menya university. She is working now as Arabic tutor. Tayeba realized as well the importance of computer science to education, hence she developed herself to better support her students.
She also works as Education Quality coordinator at her school.
Tayeba is an inspiring life example for challenging circumstances.

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Wrashed says:

Tayeba's story shows determination and hope, but the wording in the into is so weak like if it's Google translated. It's a very nice story, but its video is too long to watch. I also don't get how it's in the English section and the video is in Arabic it's limiting your audience to Arabic speakers only, unless it's on purpose.