The Egyptian deserts and the Jojoba Tree

Engineer Nabil El Mogy, he is an engineer with a master degree in computer science; he was the director of a very well established Computer company in the Arab world.
Life Turning Point

Eng. Mogy was on one of his business trips to the United States when he read an article about Jojoba tree; he was fascinated by the tree richness and how the Egyptian desert provides the perfect and optimum conditions for its cultivation.

Determination and Success
Eng. Mogy did not look back, after researching and attending lots of conferences about Jojoba, he decided to go back to Egypt and invest in this new tree.
In 1991, he bought 22 feddans in the desert of Ismailia, experts advised him to start by planting five feddans only, and he planted jojoba bushes and palms, after three years of hard work, the trial proved a great success.
One of the largest Jojoba agricultural experts in the United States visited him and considered his experience as a new Egyptian idea. He then established a jojoba farm in 1996.
He studied a lot, participated in the global scientific magazine jojoba researches, and attended all global conferences about Jojoba.
The desert is green and full of riches 
Eng. Mogy approached all doors. Jojoba tree is full of riches and he was determined to maximize its benefits and use the rich tree to the fullest.
Oil Production: He established a new company for Jojoba oil investment with other partners interested in the same field. The company established a squeezer in the 10th of Ramadan for producing and refining the jojoba oil.
Medical and Pharmaceutical fields: Jojoba oil is not harmful and can be swallowed, it has anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antipyretic effects. It also has a role in the treatment of gastric ulcers and asthmatic attacks.
Eng. Mogy was able, in collaboration with a pharmaceutical company, to produce 3 medicines and register them in the Ministry of Health. He obtained three patents registered in the USA.
o Medical ointment for skin inflammation for children
o Medical ointment for the treatment of psoriasis
o Jojoba oily lotion for treatment of mouth mucous membrane inflammation.
Petrochemical industry: The new great achievement came when Eng. Mogy partnered with one of the professors of the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University, where they were able to produce diesel fuel and vital fuel from the Egyptian jojoba oil.

Eng. Mogy demonstrates a live example for success; he combined his passion for Egypt and the Jojoba tree with years of hard work and persistence to reach his goals.

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