Fagr El Tanweer

Being blind allows them to look at things differently, understand many feelings and emotions ignored by lots of people with sharp eye sight.
Fagr El Tanweer is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 2002 by a group of blind youth. They have been deprived of eyesight but blessed with ambition and motivation. Their own successes inspired them to help others.

Fagr El Tanweer aims to create informative, genuine and meaningful life opportunities for people with visual disabilities by offering them the needed skills for the labor market, thus giving them the chance to have beneficial roles in the society.
For the first time in Egypt “Fagr el Tanweer” sets up a printing center with Braille method to create a cultural library that contains a large collection of books, as well as providing students of basic education level till university education level with their curriculum in Braille to facilitate the smooth engagement in the different educational tracks.
One of the priorities of Fagr el Tanweer is to support and facilitate the education of young children by providing Braille education services for all stages.
Also the foundation gives much attention to the talented youth by inviting them to join musical groups.
Within the framework of cultural and educational role of Fagr El Tanweer:
• A protocol of cooperation signed with “El Sawy Culture Wheel” to print the events’ schedules of El Sawy in Braille to be distributed for free among blind youths.
• Protocol of cooperation with “The Fund for Drug Control and Treatment of Addiction” to print the manuals of addiction prevention in Braille.
Fagr El Tanweer is also providing medical support for blind youth and their families, in partnership with specialists in various medical fields.

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