Hussein expressed his dissatisfaction regarding Egypt’s waste exports to China, the world’s largest importer of recyclables.

People use a multitude of materials to draw and paint and create beautiful images. Mohamed Wahid, an Egyptian artist, uses rather unconventional materials to create his art; Clothes!

Green Pan, a company founded by a group of youth aiming at conserving the environment by recycling the cooking oil used at homes and restaurants.

The Happiness Project is an attempt by Egyptian youth from different educational backgrounds, who were gathered by a single idea, which is to spread happiness amongst the less fortunate.

In October 2010 the idea of Unusual Egypt sparked; the idea was powered by Mohamed Ramadan the founder of Unusual Egypt.

The elimination of the mine, until this moment, depends on the traditional and known methods, as the radar sensor and then removing the mine manually and other methods that do not do any good, especially in areas where there are mines in large num

An electronic doll dances and interacts harmonically with all the different musical melodies at the top of compatibility and accuracy

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